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At Waypoint Legal, we’ll help support you and your loved ones with Medicaid, wills, trusts, advanced directives, Veteran’s benefits, probate, and more.
Whether you’re rejoicing in the birth of a child, planning for the future, or celebrating the life of a loved one, we’ll be here — by your side.

Freehold Elder Law Attorney

Many important legal questions arise as we approach our senior years. Chief among these is how we can ensure that our intended heirs receive our property after our death, how we can make our coming years more comfortable, and how we can afford the expenses that arise as we grow older.

Thankfully, a collection of legal documents can provide guidance and control over these essential questions. Even so, it is understandable to have continuing concerns about this complex area of law. A Freehold elder law attorney is prepared to offer guidance and help. Our seasoned attorneys are ready to listen to your concerns, suggest options for the future, and take the lead in drafting the documents that help you to prepare for your future.

How Could an Elder Law Attorney Help?

The first step in any proper elder law planning session is evaluating the individual’s current needs and future expectations. This includes determining if any current estate plan exists and where potential holes in these plans may arise. If a person has no current plan, a talented attorney is ready to measure an individual’s assets and consult with them to determine where they want them to move in the future.

Importantly, elder law planning in Freehold includes more than an attorney and resident drafting documents to determine what happens after one’s death. These legal documents can also provide for a more stable immediate future by limiting tax liability, providing for the long-term care of loved ones, or helping a person to pay for nursing home care. In sum, a dedicated lawyer works with people to understand their needs and suggests plans that aim to accommodate those needs in both the short and long-term future.

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People approaching their senior years need to evaluate how their futures will look. This includes determining what will happen to their assets after their death, but also how they can live more comfortable lives in the coming years. Having a comprehensive estate plan can help to protect assets, lower your overall tax burden, and even allow you to leave instructions for your future medical care.

Consulting with a Freehold elder law attorney could be the first step in the formation of these plans. Our team could work with you to understand your needs and goals, as well as evaluate your current estate plan and suggest updates. Finally, we could take the lead in drafting the relevant legal documents that both conform to state law concerning their formation and that accurately reflect your wishes. Reach out to them now to schedule your consultation.

Al Perez

David came highly recommended by a family friend and I clearly now know why. As a first-timer in this complex world of elder laws and estate planning, I can honestly say my decision to use Nathan Legal was the best decision for me and my family. David’s patience, legal knowledge, and genuinely caring nature is the reason I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you David for your superb service and legal guidance!!

Andrew Rodgers

My family and I had a great experience with Nathan Legal. He was able to put together a will and plan for the future for my wife and I and make us totally comfortable with the process. The work was done quickly and efficiently and based upon pricing it around his price point was excellent. Highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.

Anthony Giorgio

I you need the job done and done right, David Nathan is the right guy. Highly trained Professional in every aspect. What more can i say . Thank you, Dave

Deborah Merolla

David did an excellent job handling my mother’s estate. This was a difficult time and his professionalism and pleasant manner was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend David for any legal services.

Devin Zamora

David Nathan was absolutely the best resource when it comes to Elder Law. I would highly recommend him based on my experience.

Jeffrey Lindenbaum

David is a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to explain complex issues. He is detailed oriented. He lays out a plan and executes.

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