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Command Your Independence

A guardian can make legal, financial, or medical decisions for another person. You may need guardianship if someone has become incapacitated, and they haven’t assigned a power of attorney or healthcare surrogate.

We’re committed to helping make the best choice, our dedicated and renowned professionals are more than up to the task; providing the compassion, care, and dedication you deserve.

Own Peace of Mind

With a guardian, you can renounce worry and trust that someone is securing your well-being and wishes. Your loved ones can relax knowing that you’re safe. The court will also provide oversight to ensure your comfort.

Create A Support System

Having a strong support system always generates happiness, but especially when you need help making decisions to enhance your quality of life. It also helps protect you from scammers and those who will try to neglect your rights.

Maintain Your Freedom

If you don’t choose a guardian or power of attorney in advance, the court will choose a reliable option for you, but it’s better to pick your own. It will ensure your independence for longer and give you the freedom to live the way you want. Call today to speak with a Freehold guardian lawyer.

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David came highly recommended by a family friend and I clearly now know why. As a first-timer in this complex world of elder laws and estate planning, I can honestly say my decision to use Nathan Legal was the best decision for me and my family. David’s patience, legal knowledge, and genuinely caring nature is the reason I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you David for your superb service and legal guidance!!

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My family and I had a great experience with Nathan Legal. He was able to put together a will and plan for the future for my wife and I and make us totally comfortable with the process. The work was done quickly and efficiently and based upon pricing it around his price point was excellent. Highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.

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I you need the job done and done right, David Nathan is the right guy. Highly trained Professional in every aspect. What more can i say . Thank you, Dave

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